R. P. Impex was established in 1983 as a sister export firm of Beesants Cargo Service (P) Ltd .to support to the customers and providing all shipping and exporting related services under a roof.

R. P. Impex acts as your buying agent in Nepal by coordinating with your manufacturers, suppliers and exporters as well as acts as your quality controller of products. Also, we provide you details information of Nepalese products and we commit to help you by keeeping secret your order, design etc.

Major Exporting Commodities

All types of Handicrafts items such as Pashmina, Woollen Carpet, Brass Singing Bowl, Copper Statues, Metal Items, Wooden Items, Hemp Products, Felt items, Silk Garment and other products, Cotton and Woollen Garments,

Silver Jewelleries, Beads, Semi-Precious Stones, Buddhist Ritual Items, Thanka etc.


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