Time is at a premium-, more so in the export / import business than in others. The objective of Beesants Cargo Service (P) Ltd. is to reach your goods to the designated market at the earliest. We provide the services of handling the personal packages, gift parcels, souvenirs, handicraft items and other non-commercial delivery to any part of the world at a very competitive price.

Besides above services, We also provide the services of acting as coordinator or agent between customers and manufacturers and provide information about any products, available in Nepal which customers is interested in.



We collect your goods from the manufacturers and transport these goods to our ware-house with care and then to the aifport after carefully packing.

Archaeological Department

Nepal is rich in archeological heritage. So, all the exporting pieces with antique looks must be verified by His Majesty's Government and according to the rules and regulation, all the pieces must be stamped with the verification. We provide this service, if required.


Packaging is very important.The goods are skillfully packed with care. We use from air bubble sheets to the best quality wooden boxes to pack the goods.

Custom Clearance

We do custom clearance and make sure that the goods are dispatched on the first flight available. And the booking of airliner and mode of transport is done as per the choice of our customer .


We are fully equipped with Modern communication system to inform our customers about the latest development and shipment status of the goods .

Packaging Material

  • Carton of 7-ply corrugated cardboard.
  • 5-ply cardboard sheets for furniture
  • Air bubble sheets for all the handicraft and fragile items.
  • Stretch wrap film for air shipments as required.

    Packing Method
    1. Handicraft goods are wrapped in polythene and covered with cardboard from external damage .

    2. Thin cotton clothes are folded from inside of carton to prevent wrinkles.

    3. Woolen products are folded and are packed into the plastic and jutes.

    4. Every fragile item is wrapped individually in bubble sheet and placed inside the wooden box which has label "handle with care".

    5. The books are packed into the strong cartons, which are lined with polythene from inside.

    6. Other articles are packed according to the requirements, but our primary concern while packing for air shipment is not only safety of the goods but also to keep the weight of the shipment at minimum, hence we palletize the shipment and surround it with metal film, to provide safety to the goods, as well as keep the weight of the goods at minimum.


    We carefully store the goods at our ware-house to ensure a safe and damage-free delivery at the destination.

    1. Our warehouse is well ventilated room, which is regularly fumigated to ensure the protection from pests and other insects.
    2. Cotton clothes are folded into cartons to prevent wrinkles.
    3. All the goods in our ware-house are well insured against fire, theft and etc.
    4. The commodities which might taint or affects the other goods are kept totally separately.
    5. No dangerous and hazardous commodities are accepted into our ware-house.